Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How I Overcame My Obsession

I officially completed my first round with the 21 day fix. My goal in the beginning was that I wanted to lose about 10 pounds.  Like I said before in my previous post, I was addicted to the numbers on the scale.  I thought that there was a magic number that would make me feel better about myself.  I thought that once I reached that I would instantly have more confidence in myself, that I wouldn't be so depressed, that I would finally stop worrying so much with how I looked.
You can ask my husband how bad it had gotten.  I have struggled with eating disorders in my past and I was right on the cusp of starting one again.  Since I got married I had this range of 5 lbs that I felt comfortable with. It was actually a really good system, or so I thought, at the the time. As long as I stayed in that range I was good.  When I got to the higher part of the range I would cut back on the junk food until I got to the lower number. BUT I was still stepping on the scale every single day. Then one day I hit the top number of my range. I just did what I had done before, but this time it didn't work. My number kept on creeping up one pound at a time.  I was freaking out.  I called my doctor and complained that my thyroid medicine wasn't working.  He adjusted it, but my number still stayed high.  I knew it was a matter of moments before I was going to head down the ED path again.  I started to weigh myself 2...3...4... times a day. I grew extremely depressed.
I had seen a few people on my Facebook bragging about this whole 21 day fix thing.  I saw people that I knew changing their bodies in just three weeks.  Since I wanted really fast results I figured this was the program for me! So for the cost of less than 2 month gym membership I ordered it. Then I did a lot of research on a protein shake/meal replacement and couldn't find anything close to what shakeology had to offer, so I got Shakeology as well. Then I had a coach e-mail me and invited me to be part of a challenge group. You guys already heard me brag about this, but I will some more.  I LOVED LOVED LOVED it!!!! Having a coach and other people in the same boat as me helped me get through it. My coach was free too! My kind of price lol.
So I went through the whole program doing my absolute best to stick with the meal plan and workouts.  The meals were awesome. I was actually eating more than I had before!
Then it came time to weigh, measure, and take my after pictures. And guess what! I was only down 0.8lbs! Whoa! The old me would have been absolutely livid that I put so much time and energy into something without losing any weight. BUT I was down 11.75" and -4% body fat! And my after pictures proved that my body did some serious changing in just three weeks.  I have more energy now than I ever had before.  I am stronger than I have ever been before.  My body looks great! I don't care that I didn't lose 10 lbs. Honestly, I think I look better than ever! My confidence has soared.  I am so happy! I know now that it doesn't matter about the number on the scale. What does matter is that I'm healthy now!



I share this with all of you because I know there are other people like me out there!  I want to be your coach! I want to stand side by side with you!  We can do this together!!!!! I have a challenge group starting on June 30th and I would love for you to be a part of it!

To Get started

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then fill out this application-- it is going to ask you for your goals! I want you to dig deep for this answer and not just a "I want to lose 10 lbs."  I want it to be more like, "I want enough energy in the day to play with my kids." or "I want to build my confidence up and feel stronger."

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I hope you will chose me to be your coach! I want to show you the person you are able to become!

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