Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How I Overcame My Obsession

I officially completed my first round with the 21 day fix. My goal in the beginning was that I wanted to lose about 10 pounds.  Like I said before in my previous post, I was addicted to the numbers on the scale.  I thought that there was a magic number that would make me feel better about myself.  I thought that once I reached that I would instantly have more confidence in myself, that I wouldn't be so depressed, that I would finally stop worrying so much with how I looked.
You can ask my husband how bad it had gotten.  I have struggled with eating disorders in my past and I was right on the cusp of starting one again.  Since I got married I had this range of 5 lbs that I felt comfortable with. It was actually a really good system, or so I thought, at the the time. As long as I stayed in that range I was good.  When I got to the higher part of the range I would cut back on the junk food until I got to the lower number. BUT I was still stepping on the scale every single day. Then one day I hit the top number of my range. I just did what I had done before, but this time it didn't work. My number kept on creeping up one pound at a time.  I was freaking out.  I called my doctor and complained that my thyroid medicine wasn't working.  He adjusted it, but my number still stayed high.  I knew it was a matter of moments before I was going to head down the ED path again.  I started to weigh myself 2...3...4... times a day. I grew extremely depressed.
I had seen a few people on my Facebook bragging about this whole 21 day fix thing.  I saw people that I knew changing their bodies in just three weeks.  Since I wanted really fast results I figured this was the program for me! So for the cost of less than 2 month gym membership I ordered it. Then I did a lot of research on a protein shake/meal replacement and couldn't find anything close to what shakeology had to offer, so I got Shakeology as well. Then I had a coach e-mail me and invited me to be part of a challenge group. You guys already heard me brag about this, but I will some more.  I LOVED LOVED LOVED it!!!! Having a coach and other people in the same boat as me helped me get through it. My coach was free too! My kind of price lol.
So I went through the whole program doing my absolute best to stick with the meal plan and workouts.  The meals were awesome. I was actually eating more than I had before!
Then it came time to weigh, measure, and take my after pictures. And guess what! I was only down 0.8lbs! Whoa! The old me would have been absolutely livid that I put so much time and energy into something without losing any weight. BUT I was down 11.75" and -4% body fat! And my after pictures proved that my body did some serious changing in just three weeks.  I have more energy now than I ever had before.  I am stronger than I have ever been before.  My body looks great! I don't care that I didn't lose 10 lbs. Honestly, I think I look better than ever! My confidence has soared.  I am so happy! I know now that it doesn't matter about the number on the scale. What does matter is that I'm healthy now!



I share this with all of you because I know there are other people like me out there!  I want to be your coach! I want to stand side by side with you!  We can do this together!!!!! I have a challenge group starting on June 30th and I would love for you to be a part of it!

To Get started

Sign up for your free account

then fill out this application-- it is going to ask you for your goals! I want you to dig deep for this answer and not just a "I want to lose 10 lbs."  I want it to be more like, "I want enough energy in the day to play with my kids." or "I want to build my confidence up and feel stronger."

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I hope you will chose me to be your coach! I want to show you the person you are able to become!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

30 Day Wife Challenge

I believe that as a wife it is so important to support your husband. I have fallen so short of that.  I have had such an issue with feeling the need to control Noah. I've been manipulating, conniving, and down right mean sometimes in order to get what I want. I want to publicly repent of this. By controlling him I've not lot him take the role as leader in the home and his confidence in himself to be able to actually thrive in that role has dwindled because of me. I have to do something about this. So.... Since I'm a planner...I have a plan of action. For the next 30 days I want to pray for him every day. 

I was given this awesome book that has some guidelines and specific prayers in it.

 I am not a "good" prayerererererer. My vocabulary is simple and if a word has more than 6 letters in it, I probably don't know what it means. I sometimes get stumped on what exactly to pray for. But most of all I become controlling in my prayers. For example: "Please God, let my husband realize that I NEED him to do the dishes more." So yes, I am definitely going to use this book to help me not be controlling.

The next step in my plan is to shower my husband with compliments! I feel like this is a great way to build his confidence up that I seemed to have been destroying before. My goal is to start out with at least 5 compliments a day and eventually work my way up from there. I don't think this will be very difficult. I'm just really going to look for every opportunity I can.

I'm sure I will add to my plan later but for now this is a good start. I want to put a challenge out there for other wives to do a 30 day pray for and compliment your husband challenge. If you are in, let me know by commenting below! 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Weekend Recap

What an amazing weekend! I feel so relaxed and I got to spend some time with some awesome friends and family. Yesterday I went shopping with my friend Kirstin and we had a very successful day! I really didn't have anything I needed but there was definitely something that I wanted that I've been putting money aside for.

This baby

I absolutely love it already. I put this strap around my chest while I workout and it reads on the watch my heart rate and how many calories I've burnt. I used it tonight in my workout. I kept on pushing myself harder and harder because I immediately saw those calories being burnt. Immediate satisfaction! If you are interested you can get it here

After doing some serious hunting for deals we were famished. I was kind of worried because this was my first time going out to eat while on the 21 day fix. We went to the Cheesecake Factory and walked by all the sinfully delicious looking cheesecakes drizzled with goodness and I reminded myself that I was going to stay strong. I found a ton of great options for lunch but decided to go with the chicken lettuce wraps Mexican style! They were actually an appetizer but came out to the perfect portion size for lunch. 

Doesn't this make you drool?

Today I had the opportunity to go to st Pete beach with some family. It was wonderful and relaxing. I packed a bunch of healthy snacks and a delicious salad for lunch and it could have been more perfect!

See my salad?

Grilled chicken on romaine lettuce with feta, cucumber, strawberry and apple. Oh and I found the most amazing salad dressing. You can get it in the produce section at publix. 

Funny story. I actually didn't get to use this. I ended up spilling it all in the cooler instead. Hilarious I tell you. But luckily there was a bar and grill I was able to steal a little balsamic vinaigrette. But let me tell you...the raspberry one is so much better.

Oh and one last thing I'm going to share my dinner from Friday night! We made blackened trout, sweet potato, and sautéed zucchini and squash...soooooo yummy! I wanted to make my own blackening seasoning since the store bought ones usually have so much sodium. 

1 1/2 T paprika
1T garlic powder
1 T onion powder
1 T ground dried thyme
1 tsp ground black pepper
1 tsp cayenne pepper
1 tsp dried basil
1 tsp dried oregano

Mix it all together! It made quite a bit so we just put whatever we didn't use in a plastic baggy. 

Blackening seasoning is so goo on just about any fish. Brush a little coconut oil on each side and then generously coat your fish or chicken or whatever you want to use with the seasoning. 

Sear it for 3-5 minutes on each side on a smoking hot pan. We did ours on a cast iron skillet on the grill for 3 minutes per side. Enjoy!

Hope you all had a great weekend too!