Thursday, June 5, 2014

30 Day Wife Challenge

I believe that as a wife it is so important to support your husband. I have fallen so short of that.  I have had such an issue with feeling the need to control Noah. I've been manipulating, conniving, and down right mean sometimes in order to get what I want. I want to publicly repent of this. By controlling him I've not lot him take the role as leader in the home and his confidence in himself to be able to actually thrive in that role has dwindled because of me. I have to do something about this. So.... Since I'm a planner...I have a plan of action. For the next 30 days I want to pray for him every day. 

I was given this awesome book that has some guidelines and specific prayers in it.

 I am not a "good" prayerererererer. My vocabulary is simple and if a word has more than 6 letters in it, I probably don't know what it means. I sometimes get stumped on what exactly to pray for. But most of all I become controlling in my prayers. For example: "Please God, let my husband realize that I NEED him to do the dishes more." So yes, I am definitely going to use this book to help me not be controlling.

The next step in my plan is to shower my husband with compliments! I feel like this is a great way to build his confidence up that I seemed to have been destroying before. My goal is to start out with at least 5 compliments a day and eventually work my way up from there. I don't think this will be very difficult. I'm just really going to look for every opportunity I can.

I'm sure I will add to my plan later but for now this is a good start. I want to put a challenge out there for other wives to do a 30 day pray for and compliment your husband challenge. If you are in, let me know by commenting below! 


  1. I'd love to join. Maybe you can post the prayers for the week...?

  2. This is awesome, Lindsay. I can't undo the wrong I did with my late hubby, but I can make sure that if ever I get married again, I don't continue on my controlling ways. No man likes to be controlled. It's difficult to not do, though, especially when you want everything just so. But, if wives do less controlling and criticizing, and more loving and complimenting (heartfelt compliments, not just out of obligation), then our husbands will be more happy and apt to please us, even when we're not expecting them to.