Wednesday, May 28, 2014

21 day fix.

On May 19th, I joined a challenge group to do the 21 day fix. I was super leary about it because I've tried to many different things. It isn't that other programs haven't worked, it's that I've always given up before I ever see good results. I talk myself out of them that the pizza and ice cream are so much better than being fit and healthy.  Well, I got invited to this challenge group and immediately i saw that giving up and cheating would not be an option. I wanted to results. I wanted this time to be different.
A little background with me. I'm obsessed with my body image. I'm so insecure with myself. I have had a yo-yo body. I eat and exercised based on the way I feel that day. I had a habit of stepping on the scale every day. Sometimes even more than that. I valued myself based on how the number on the scale was. I was constantly depressed as the number would go up. To add on top of that I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  I constantly had no energy and was not able to lose any weight no matter how hard I tried. I got on medicine and for several months I thought it was working. I still had very little energy and was feeling depressed, anxious, and not able to lost any weight.
I saw that several people on my facebook were doing this 21 day fix thing. I was seeing their before and after photos and they were so impressive. 3 weeks for those results! That's nuts! As I am a compulsive buyer, I bought the program and got some shakeology.
I'm 10 days into the program and I'm almost thinking I need to cut down on my thyroid medicine. I have so much energy I don't know what to do with it all. I'm drinking shakeology everyday and exercising every day. Before I always came up with an excuse (usually that I didn't have the energy) to not exercise. Now, exercising gives me energy.  I feel like I stumbled upon gold!.  WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT THIS ACTUALLY WORKS?
I signed up to be a coach. I am a BELIEVER! I want to share this with everyone I possible can. I eat really well. Actually, I'm eating more than I have before! my abs are coming in too! I'm going to have a 6 pack here soon! AHHHH!

Below is an idea of how my days look with my meal plan.

I can't wait to share my before and after pictures! You are not going to believe them! I didn't have much weight to lose, but I needed to tone up some areas!

So in a couple weeks I'm starting a Challenge group for the 21 day fix for my friends and family. Actually anyone who wants to join can.

E-mail me if you are interested!

to get the 21 day fix and shakeology go to

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